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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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failure that it is, but since it is the law of the land, we will try to offer real solutions that you can use. and that his efforts might "willis report", thank you for joining us and have a great night, we will see tomorrow. single micro- ♪ lou: some panic in a little frustration setting in for senate democrats who faae reelection next year. the failed rollout of obamacare is to blame. all but one of those democrats running for reelection at the white house today to make certain that president obama gets the message. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. obamacare is a failure to this point. the white house has repeatedly lied about how it would affect the american public in the president's own party is now in something of a panic. fifteen of the 16 senate
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democrats who are trying to keep their seats beyond 2014 at the white house today demanding improvement in the affordable care act and looking for answers as to why the president suddenly changed his if you like your health care, you can keep it claim after three very long years. senator mark begich of alaska expressed its deep displeasure with the president in no uncertain terms. >> i have made my voice pretty well heard over there. he doesn't return my calls because i yell at him. >> i've been frustrated since day one. they hear from you a regular basis. a recommended many suggestionn on how to improve the site. lou: he won election 2008, but just 1% margin. one of 12 seats that the republican party considers vulnerable and they are actively targeting his seat.
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chief white house correspondent ed henry broke the story and he is at the white house with our report. >> president obama comfortably today with chairman michael bennet..@ just moments after they wrapped up a dramatic closed-door meeting with 15 senate democrats facing the voters in 2014. those murderous anger over obamacare will knock them out of offfce. one source familiar with the meeting told fox that it was pent-up frustration about the rollout. it is terrible politics for everyone right noww at a democratic source. this was a chance for the president to let a little pressure out. after days of republican piling on. >> people feel deceived, they are very upset. and they should be. not only with the law itself, the with the way the
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administration has basically brushed their concerns aside. reporter: in a sign of the intensity of the situation, it was a two-hour meeting in the president was joined by vice president biden and chief of staff benefit don't know and jeffrey sine who assured the skeptical senators that the health care website will be fixed by the end of november. and saying it's absolutely unacceptable in this day and age that the administration can't deliver on the promises it made to all americans because of technical problems with the website. we should be appreciating the critical benefits of the affordable care act, but there is an understandable crisis in confidence because the administration has yet to get it off the ground. >> he doesn't return my calls all the time. but i think they really want to hear from us because we are on
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the ground, as we know, in our community. i have delivered that frustration on a regglar basis to the white house. reporter: finger from democrats may explain why the white house left the meeting of the president's public schedule for the day. it was only after senator started lashing out with press releases that word had leaked out. senator udall said that the president needs to push back the enrollment period beyond 2014, march, and putting new safeguards and for online privacy. and he said he also told the president there for the affordable care act to succeed, consumers need to be confident that their personal information is secure and we need to do everything in our power to try to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyberattacks. reporter: a democratic source says that some senators floated the idea of a delay of up to one year for enrollment and this would be a major change in the
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president did not agree. i'm told the senators felt it was a constructive meeting and the question is whether the white house compromises and ways implementation by few months. >> it's interesting how those white house meetings always positive. while the president was trying to calm the nerves of the democratic senators today, they have returned the disastrous rollout of obamacare. just when we assume this would be another dole senate finance hearing on yet another scandal that they would stonewall, secretary kathleen sebelius admitted it might be possible that a convicted felon could collect the personal information of health care consumers while acting as the obamacare navigators.
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>> there is no federal requirement for navigators undergo a criminal background check, even though they will receive personal information from individuals that they hoped to sign up for an and the affordable care act spirit statement that is true, states could add an additional background check and other features and it is not part of the federal requirement. lou: secretary kathleen sebelius acknowledging that the early enrollment figures for obamacare which is scheduled to be released next week, will be very low. fox is reporting a relatively new provision in obamacare opening up the medicaid program to even more fraud. that according to a new medicaid director which is raising concerns about section 2202 of the four well-kept and he says that that section expands hospital use of the honor system when caring for the uninsured who claim that they fall into
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certain medicaid categories. they later found that the patient does not qualify for public assistance in the state has been responsible and by the state we mean taxpayers. today marks the anniversary of president obama's reelection. the white house still has little if any reason to celebrate the first year of his second term. the president's down job approval rate in translating a 40% on par with george w. bush's rating in the fall of his fifth year in office. when he was reeling from the fallout of hurricane katrina. and on wall street today, stocks were mixed. the dow, a triple digit gain and 129 points higher at a new record high, the s&p up seven and the nasdaq is down eight points. twitter tomorrow will make its debut on the new york stock
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exchange at $26 per share. up from the price estimates of 17 to $20 per share in the initial public offering giving twitter a market capitalization of more than $14 billion. they will trade under the ticker, twtr. we are coming right back >> a republican reelected in a blue state. the political fallout from election 2013. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell.
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>> election day has concluded and in many ways it was a battle, it seems, for the future of the republican party. establishment republicans trying to crush the tea party in some races and in some cases losing their way. >> chris christie easily won reelection in new jersey, setting the stage for a run in 2016, but he seemed to be running morgans the tea party than his democratic opponent, in part because it created an effective appeal to liberal voters in new jersey. in virginia, ken cuccinelli lost only three points when polls once had him losing by double digits. the gop establishment worked hard to push away the tea party and incredibly allow and obama bumbler to build a libertarian
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tennessee that took twice as many votes as the margin of victory. there is a lot to be learned from the gubernatorial races in virginia and new jersey and one lesson certainly is the gop leadership is committed to big business and establishment candidate as they are with the conservative candidates. no better example than in the first congressional district in alabama. committing an enormous amount of resources to a i like bradley burns over dion. can the republican party win next year without including libertarians and the tea party? a lot of public initiatives on the ballot last night as well. folks in colorado can smoke pot, but the rocky mountain high will be taxed at 25% and a split
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decision and the moral of the secession movement is that at first you don't succeed, try again. and likely to be reduced, voters rejecting a 200 million-dollar renovation. you can also smoke pot in portland, maine. and it is a legal recreational activity. and las vegas casinos, in some cases a lack of moderation we will see what both partiessmake of that and whether there is room for a third view next year and in 2016. >> joining us now to take up the implications for both parties, we are joined by julie burzynski and a "new york post" columnist. good to have you both with us.
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let's start with you, a remarkable win for governor chris christie. >> it becomes even more amazing, chris christie who everyone thinks is a good moderate -- he could be both, right? lou: he called himself a conservative. >> but he got 92% of the tea party vote in the polls and that is amazing. >> particularly with some of the things that he said about the tea party. >> a lot of the democratic core constituents and many of them won by 59-point.
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lou: there was a 19-point increase as well. >> this is cutting across all the of the lines and to me, this is heartening that a republican candidate can cross over that way and we have a lot of voters who simply want answers to their problems. lou: what we watched in virginia was a dramatic demonstration of powerful establishment politics on the democratic side and if not the principal fundraiser, he just barely got through against the tea party candidate, but the republican party was basically trying to kill by strangling and suffocating him from lack of money. >> if you ask these people, they will say they will be up. >> we all read the polls.
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so in some cases i would say that terry mcauliffe was a flawed candidate. these are not rockstar candidates and i think even bob mcdonnell, the republican governor, so what is that saying in the struggle for the party? >> get his approval ratings are so down. that is amazing. lou: up to one. i disagree. i think that both candidates could think that both candidates convinced our candidates. but they chose unfortunate paths in their candidacy. can kuchen away brought all oo the warmth and energy to his candidacy and frankly i interviewed him and i talked with him and this is a man who
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is dynamic and a committed public servant and my goodness, and the remaining weeks of the campaign he was sluggish and he looked like he had been beaten to a pulp. it was a strange performance by both candidates. >> don't forget the amount of money that mcauliffe had for the advantage. especially coming down the stretch. >> they knew that they were doing this by not giving him more support. >> i think the problems with obamacare clearly helped him in the last few days close that gap that he had. but i would make another argument as well. and it shows that the mainstream media covering the obamacare disaster, i don't think there was any hiding from it. imagine if the mainstream media have covered a lot of the other
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obama disasters like benghazi or the irs scandal, along the way, does the whole job issue. in these races would've come out very differently as well. >> the problem with his campaign was operating in the state of new jersey and he went out there and spoke to the voters and was defined as things like this. >> the usual war on women's strategy. to which the republicans don't have a counterstrategy. >> they do, it's all chris christie, he ran against the all woman ticket in the history of this nation. >> there is no attack on him on the war on women's and it wasn't
7:20 pm
overwhelming attack of absurdity. but unless an attack. and i think we have these events when you talk about media that israel. one is how does can kuchen away recover when the tea party embraces the shutdown of government in the weeks leading up to the election. that was devastating, i believe. and with obamacare a train wreck versus this. >> while obamacare, let's posit for a moment, -- of course you don't. [laughter] lou: at the monument president obama's leadership.
7:21 pm
>> northern virginia was part of the process, and so there you go. >> there was a problem and the fact is he lost. >> i think that obamacare is going to be the problem going forward. and it's not likely to be another showdown between now and the next election. but obamacare is with us. lou: thank you both. up next, vladimir putin apparently having second thoughts about his association with syrian dictator bashar al-assad. we have that and much morr with general jack keane coming up next.
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7:25 pm
three years at the civil war began. appears putin is pursuing a more contiguous foreign-policy. a price has to be paid for accommodation. we just don't know what the terms of the deal are and what the price will be. secretary of state carry essentially dismissing prime minister netanyahu and the israeli position on middle east peace as he endorsed palestinian president's pledging another $75 million today to the palestinians to assess the region and u.s. interests. we are joined by general jack keene, former army vice chief of staff, great to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: let's begin with russia and the preparation for a transitional government. so far he has demanded a price for nearly every adjustment in the russian position. what are your thoughts? >> certainly there will be a
7:26 pm
price, the not think that we should be too quick to throw that tall and on this relationship. assad is in the strongest position he has an the opposition force. in i don't think this is a fisher yet. assad has a vote unless the russians are undermining the support that is around in. lou: and in support right now, it seems to be rising as the united states gives further aid to the palestinians, another
7:27 pm
75 million courtesy of the secretary of state carries today . what is your assessment of what the united states policy is and its goals? >> every secretary for the last 50 years is try to broker some kind of peace treaty with the palestinians and israelis. we have failure. i think we are here, what took place here, frankly, is the israelis and palestinians both made concessions as a condition for beginning the peace talks and the palestinians began to push back on new settlement. they were not part of the concessions. they bellyaches quite a bit. low and behold they got a concession out of the united states. i do not think strategy why is it makes much sense because what you are trying to do is get these people talking to each other, the israelis and palestinians and not frustrate one side against the other. lou: no one could seemingly been more frustrated, the focus
7:28 pm
remains an do is concerned that the obama administration is not focused on iran. give us your perspective on what will likely transpire. >> clearly iran is the number one strategic enemy in the region, and certainly is ours. they have never given up on regional domination, and that is why they have had a state-sponsoree terrorist campaign against us and other countries in the region for 30 years. they're moving toward a nuclear weapon. we will have some discussion with them. they always look at the diplomacy and negotiations is simply this, one step back and two steps forward. that has been the pattern for 15 years. they watched the north koreans do it much to their success in acquiring nuclear weapons. i think ms. and now who is really very much concerned
7:29 pm
because he thinks the united states knew that they would not take any action and he would be on his own as eventually they make a race to a nuclear weapon and he is forced to do something lou: as always, good to have you here. >> always good talking to you. lou: much more ahead on the obama doctrine, failure of the rollout of fallout. we are coming right back. stay with us. ♪ lou: chris christie, the biggest winner of the election 2013, but who is the biggest loser? obamacare supporters, the tea party, and we will talk with our favorite radio host next. ♪ bny mellon combines investment management investment servicing, giving us unique insights who eate powerful strategies infor a country's investments which are used to build ns to build more bright minds.
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where applied, increased d blood ce count, headhe, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. ♪ lou: obamacare almost costa the democrats an election in virginia which is not a good sign many say for the democrats who pushed through the health care law. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron takes
7:33 pm
a look at the outcome last night and its potential effect on 2014 elections. >> the botched rollout of the affordable care acted nearly cost jerry mccullough the election last night, and his team knew it. he came from down double digits to behind 2% in the final returns last night by casting their race as a referendum on obamacare. >> i am so excited to get going with this and start helping people. thank you. >> in acknowledged that it could have been republicans celebrating. virginia is a key swing state that reflects trends in other battleground states. 53 percent said they oppose the affordable care act. 27 percent called healthcare their top priority. and cook gently carried them. for 45 percent of virginia voters the economy was a top issue. health care was of major threat.
7:34 pm
>> despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million this race came down to the wire because of obamacare. that message will go out across america tonight. >> florida senator marco rodeo is sponsoring a spin it -- senate bill to delay the implementation of obamacare nationwide. >> what is clear is the discontent. a major factor in the elections. >> as soon as the rollout went off the rails, the republican party announced that super packs started pounding. >> if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. >> those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan. >> that is louisiana senator married andrew. identical attack ads hit
7:35 pm
vulnerable first terms senators of alaska and k hagen of north carolina with examples of them. >> people who like their insurance, keep them. >> n new hampshire senator, a liberal democrat wrote the president demanding a delay in the enrollment deadline. another democrat has since joined the effort and others are expected to follow suit. they have little choice but to get in the president's face. they know you will never again be on another ballot. so it is every candid for himself, and they don't want their next campaign to be there last. it. lou: thank you very much. turning now to what the election means with the sense of what many americans are thinking and feeling, we are taking the temperature, if you will, of the country's best talk show host. also there.
7:36 pm
radio talk show host. two stations just to accommodate. good to have you all there. >> thank you. lou: let me start with you. it does this mean in your judgment that obamacare has to be fixed quickly or it will be a liability for democrats? >> at think it will definitely be a liability. it already is. i think that they are running scared. what you are going to see at the least is this thing pushed down, the individual mandate, the employer mandate has already been pushed down past next year's elections. you will see the individual pushed as well. what you are seeing is americans just stunnnd and cynical and it being lied to and don't want to take it any longer. my suggestion is e-mail your representative and say that they are a democrat, they voted for
7:37 pm
obamacare, i am voting for the other guy next time. unless you change you would get the message. lou: it looks like chris christie, the governor of new jersey has the magic formula. he won the hispanic vote in new jersey, improved his own deployment among african americans by doubling his performance from 2009. is his brand of politics going to sell and save taxes? >> absolutely not. the republican wing of the democratic party. you guys are gaining upon me, but here in texas, i don't know if we think like you. not a conservative republican. he is the republican wing of the democratic party. what he is all about is chris christie. what works in new jersey right now with the democratic legislature that he has is not going to work in texas.
7:38 pm
frankly, i don't think it will work anywhere in america. lou: does this man have a point? >> i think he is just a larger-than-life personality, a great character. it is like mayor guiliani, but once he got out into the midwest, the heartland, that ball in that china shop rough new york politician did not play ..3 a lot of guys like that speaking at their dinners. when it comes down to pull the lever, they don't pull the lever for those guys. >> excuse me. i have a different view and slightly different from mark. i think the reason -- lou: we don't have room for more than two fuse here. [laughter] >> all right. i will shut up. >> i think the reason that he did so well in new jersey and that he can do well in other places is because he has demonstrated that he is a leader.
7:39 pm
for a conservative, ultra-conservative, tea party, moderate, the republican a wing of the democratic party. they guy gets it done, and that is what people looking for. >> he gets it done in new jersey, not other parts of the country. >> how do you know? >> i respectfully disagree. chris christie is a moderate disguised as a republican in new jersey. that does not play here in texas >> they won by 20 points. normally this would be a landslide. the guy won by 40%. lou: and christie, almost conservative. we will be back with our radio talk-show host in just a moment. we will encourage you to take a moment to check us out on twitter. that's our facebook page. go to we have lots of places for you
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♪ lou: 16 democratic senators going to the white house. we will take that up with our panel of radio talk show hosts. senator rand paul no longer a columnist for the washington times repeated charges of plagiarism in his columns, speeches, even his recent book. we will be taking that up. accused of liftiig language from the heritage foundation, cato institute, and even a quick appeal without giving credit. there have been instances in which they have not cited sources. he chalks it up to sloppiness, not dishonesty. and we are back and our radio
7:44 pm
talk-show host. let me ask you this. sixteen democratic senators of the white house. tell this president to see the light. i assume it is worth some considerable irritation with the way he is running the government, certainly obamacare. >> everyone is selling and, if you like your health care plan, you keep it. we don't need it. if this were any great executive, a great leader, and he saw this calamity. he would say to my shut it down and we will start over. this is not up to my standards and i am sending this down. that promise you that i will fix it. lou: i was talking with the new york police officer some months ago. he said, what is the deal with obama? he does not know of the irs, obamacare.
7:45 pm
he does not know anything, but is suddenly he knew all about the police department in cambridge and all about mr. martin in florida. this is a ridiculous stance, posture for this administration. >> he is just finding out about everything. do surveillance on our government. >> i agree. the last time i was here i said this, and i will say it again. obamacare was never designed to work. this is a bystander president. he does not know anything. he is lying to the american people. if obama is not a bold faced liar, i want to know who is controlling our government because it is certainly not this president. where have the democrats bin? they are just now going to the president and expressing their discomfort with obamacare? where have you been? we have been talking about it for three years. lou: some of us have been talking about it for a lot longer than that.
7:46 pm
>> i have been talking about it for seven years now. lou: i am starting to feel like it is going to be the last liar when sear. we keep this up. >> let me just say that i do not think obamacare is about the american people at all. it is in and sign and he does not care what happens. even his democratic fellow people in the senate and house. >> i don't think he knows what is in it. i think he is a bystander. a bystander president. i don't think he has any idea what is in this law and is just as surprised as anybody. he is an empty suit. lou: you get the last word. >> he is a chalk outline. there is nothing there. lou: with that, we are going to wrap it up with some of my very favorite walk -- talk-show
7:47 pm
hosts. great to have you with us. good to talk to you. take care. up next amount of former communist progressive last -- leftist tells the story of his conversion to the reagan right, one of the leading conservatives , david horowitz joins us next. ♪ as business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every d. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewar! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business cd from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! more than a new interior lighting system.
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♪ lou: a growing backlash against german prosecutors who are refusing to make public the list of 1400 artworks found in a munich apartment. worth a reported $1 billion that consists of picasso, many believed to have been seized during the nazi era. jewish families, however,
7:51 pm
particularly with claims to those are works are outraged with the process to determine their rightful owners that has been anything but transparent and effective. activision call of duty ghost won the battle for video-game bragging rights and just won a big day entering $1 billion in revenue in its first day of release yesterday. that bested september's release of grand theft of 05 which made $800 million its first year, it took them 03 days to do that. now turning to politics. my next guest says conservatives cannot continue to ignore the fact that they are opposed to politics as a religious war. his latest book details is conversion. joining me now, noted conservative author david horowitz, one of the leading minds among conservative thinkers in this country. his new book is called the black book of the american left.
7:52 pm
and we recommended to you highly. great to have you with us. congratulations on the book. let's start with the idea that david horowitz, luminary of conservatism in the country began as a leftist. it is shocking to many people. i suspect much of our audience. >> that's my excuse. i was brought up in the communists left. what struck me, and one of the reasons i am doing this book and the volumes that will follow is i think that conservatives have to narrow of a view toward great democratic opponents. that to absolute key obama advisers offered his career and obama all grew up and were born into the same communists left as i was. all of them were trained in that
7:53 pm
left. all of them went on to the new left which is the more diapered baby. i was there at the creation and have never left. and i know this as someone who left. you understand how destructive these people are and how they lie about their agendas. you want to expose and repudiate. these people have never done that. they are still there. and we are all facing this crisis of obamacare. you in his right mind would try this century plan, health care system for 300 million people after what happened in the soviet union. that is what they are. lou: ideologue. the radio panel. and he said, all of this is planned. there is no accident. this has been a predetermined
7:54 pm
up-tempo. >> there is a theory that they're doing this to pave the way for single payer. single payer means that he government has total control of your health care. that is communism. that is what it is command that is what they're definitely driving for. i don't think -- i do think they are delusional. you could have foreseen. i thought -- and i am not brilliant. when they rolled out obamacare in 2009 this is nuts. you can't cram through a program with no bipartisan support and oppose where people distrust the government. the health the american plan. they want to make their own choices and say, no, you have to choose this. lou: history is so elusive.
7:55 pm
with 2010-2010, he of the democrats in charge of the house, senate, as well as the white house. republicans were not required. let me turn, if i may, your thoughts about the idea that republicans still do not have a strategy, do not have a sense of on issues even though they have been handed a failure of mammoth proportions. >> because they were not born to a political war. democrats are at war all the time. they tried to destroy their opponents. they want to eliminate the opposition so that they can get on with their program. they are true believers in that sense.
7:56 pm
they believe social justice. republicans want to compromise. they understand this. you know, the founders created a republic where there are checks and balances, factions. lou: we have about one minute left, and i need to understand this. what is the modern definition of conservatism? the republican party has become corporatist and multinational. >> individual liberty, freedom, freedom of choice. the debt, the deficit, the trillions of dollars, it is not primarily an accounting problem. is primarily a problem of taking away the freedom of future generations. you have to pay that debt. lou: why is it conservatives keep talking about-well we are really talking aboot people? the conservatives and republicans alike have not found a message to reach some middle-class. it is frustrating. >> this position is the problem.
7:57 pm
i am trying to change that. lou: the book is the black book of the american left. the natures of the frustrating conservatives. recommended highly. by the buck. that is it for us tonight. thank ou. good night from new york. you will see you tomorrow. ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from w what happed so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like aew deepwater well cap and a state-ofhe-art monitoring center, whe experts
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>> for millions of americans delay is not an option, people's lives depend on this. >> made a promise no one went brokjust because they got sick. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay for not being responsible and producing a product that all of us could be proud of. >> i am accountable to this committee and the american public for getting the fixes in place. neil: sebelius, you just


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